The Hello Baby Training Package

What's included:
♡ A 1.5 hr Baby Prep Consult
♡ Your Homecoming Plan
♡ 4 x 1 hour training sessions
♡ Detailed training notes

Hello Baby: $450 + gst
Extra sessions: $80 + gst

Creating a safe and loving home for your dog and baby.

Ideal for expectant parents who want to learn how to successfully bring their newborn home, and what steps can be taken ahead of time to make the process as stress-free as possible for their dog.

Is your Little One already home?

Congratulations!! Did you know that the Homecoming Phase is actually an ongoing process? Each new milestone reached by your Little One will present a whole new set of challenges for your dog to overcome. Something as simple as your baby's eyesight improving and their neck mussels strengthening, resulting in them holding their head up to make eye contact, can be really unnerving for your four-legged-friend.

The "Babymoon" (Board & Train)

What's included:

  • Seven nights of boarding

  • 1 hour of training each day

  • Two in-home consultations

  • Free pick-up and drop-off

Babymoon: $650 + gst
Extra night: $80 + gst

AKA: Head to Hawaii - I'll work on your training plan.

Need some time to relax on a beach with your Honey before Baby arrives?

The Babymoon Package includes your In-Home Baby Prep Consultation, Homecoming Plan, and your dog's training assignments.

Each day we'll work on the various skills and assignments, from 

Help With The Homecoming

What's included:
♡ A 1.5 hr Baby Prep Consult
♡ Free pick-up and drop-off
♡ Three nights of boarding
♡ Supervised Homecoming

Homecoming: $350 + gst
Extra night: $45 + gst

Let me make your Baby's Homecoming as easy as possible:

♡ I will pick up your dog from home before active labour starts.
♡ While you're doing the hard work, we'll be chillin' on the farm, exploring the woods and tidepools, and eating tasty snacks.
♡ Your four-legged-loved-one will be treated to all the comforts of home, plus an awesome collection of toys and food puzzles.
♡ When it's time for your pup to come home I'll be with you every step of the way, helping your dog to settle and adjust to the arrival of their new family member, and I will stay until you and your dog are comfortable.