Products Your Puppy Will Love

My Top 10 Puppy Products and Services

Products listed, or services recommended have been tested by either myself, or my dog Jasper (who's a pretty tough critic at times).

It worth mentioning that I do not profit financially from any of these recommendations. This list has been put together because I believe in these companies, the products they produce, and the services they offer their clients.

  1. Thundershirt. Helping to bring a little extra peace to your world - this product is worth it's weight in gold.

  2. Ziwi Peak. These are fantastic training treat, I also feed this to my dog Jasper when he runs out of meat balls. We're using the Lamb in class.

  3. Plaque Off. A must have for your puppy's dental hygiene.

  4. Food Puzzle Games. In particular, The Brick by Nina Ottoson, and the Kong Wobbler.

  5. Dog First Aid Course, by Walks "n" Wags.

  6. Puppy insurance, at least for the first 18 months. Check out Truepanion

  7. Healing Solution by Dr Peter Dobias. Great for inflamed skin, small wounds, and hot spots.

  8. The Other End Of The Leash, by Patricia McConnell. My most recommended book.

  9. The Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson. Also, a must read.

  10. Due for a vaccine booster? Opt for a Titer Test instead. It's a blood test that tells you the level of immunity your dog currently has, helping to reduce over vaccinations.