A Gentle Approach To Dog Training

Welcome to Off Track, a compassion based dog training company, nestled in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver. Our aim is simple. We strive to provide outstanding services, ongoing family support and community based education, to help improve the connection, and love, between you and your dog.

Love and compassion are the ingredients for success. Training takes time, patience, and a little creative problem solving in some cases, but most goals are possible when built on a foundation of trust and security.

Active learning should be fun for all parties involved, especially for your four-legged-friend, so it's important to match the pace of our training sessions to the comfort level of your pup. Shy, fearful, or reactive dogs will need time to gain confidence in their new environment, so their safety and wellbeing will always come first. When these needs are met learning is innate, and training becomes possible.

What We're Not

The Alpha.  Dominant. The Pack Leader. The only time you'll hear me use these terms would be in reference to my Cross Fit buddies!

Unfortunately "Dominance Theory" in dog training has become a popular topic due to it's promotion by untrained TV celebrities.

Despite what it may look like, your dog is NOT trying to establish the role of Alpha in the household, and the use of outdated techniques based on these theories can cause a lot of harm to both you and your dog. For more info please check out this article.


A graduate from The University of Nottingham, I specialized in Animal Behaviour and Psychology, and conducted research studying family dynamics within a captive wolf pack.

I went back to school to become a dog trainer, gaining certification through the Dog Stars Training Academy, and became an active member of the Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, and the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.

As well as a Diploma in Animal Care, and my NVQ Level 2 in Animal Management, I also have Pet First Aid, and Reiki Level 1.