Saffrina: Dog Trainer. Zoologist. Sailor. Mum.

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So why did I decide to become a dog trainer?  For the same reasons I became a Zoologist. I love scientific studies, behavioural observations, problem solving, and continuous learning. Mix that with a deep desire to help people, and create a better environment for all of us, two legged and four.

Field work as a Zoologist was exciting, and took me to some wonderful places, but most of my wolf work was conducted from a distance and there was little opportunity for me to create a positive change. Think less Jane Goodall and David Attenborough, more 'crashing through dense undergrowth collecting wolf-hair and fecal samples'.

In 2010 I decided to go back to school to become a dog trainer, and what originally started out as a part-time endeavour quickly took over my life - I loved it. I believe I have found my true calling and I will never look back.

10 Random Facts About Me:

1. I've taken night classes in Sign Language, Belly Dancing and Welding.
2. I grew up with 18 dogs, ranging in size from 10lb to 90lb.
3. I've covered the coast of B.C. in a sail boat, but I've never drank wine in the Okanagan.
4. I was born in England, but tell everyone I'm Cornish.
5. I prefer to drink cider over beer (because I'm Cornish).
6. I used to played Field Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Roller Derby.
7. I can carve a birdhouse from a log using a chainsaw.
8. My first month in Canada was spent in Churchill, Manitoba, the next three months in Alert Bay.
9. I love eating prawns, but I'm severely allergic to lobster.
10. I can say “hello” in well as “I would like a shower please”.

Peck Red. Teaching my hen cue discrimination.

Qualifications & Workshops

  • BSc in Zoology from The University of Nottingham
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA
  • Graduate from the Dog Stars Training Academy
  • Diploma in Animal Care
  • NVQ Level 2 in Animal Management
  • Pet First Aid and Reiki Level 1
  • Nicole Wilde. Fear Aggression & Creative Client Coaching
  • Dr Sophia Yin. Lecture & Lab
  • Terry Ryan. Chicken Camp - Targeting & Discrimination
Saffrina is an amazing trainer! She is super knowledgeable and the way she explains things is very straightforward, not to mention her glowing, friendly personality and demeanour.
— Heather & Peanut

Professional Associations


Georgia: Problem Solver. Master Giggler. Mess Maker.

A local Vancouver girl. Loves Grandma's cooking, her toy piano, and tasty snacks. Books are also tasty, so are Daddy's keys...and Jasper's ball is extra delicious.

Likes chatting, grabbing noses, and playing at West Side Family Place.

An advocate for Dogs & Toddler.

Jasper: Food Critic. Travel Buddy. Scorpio.

Originally a prairie boy who grew up on a Great Dane farm.  What he lacks in height, he makes up for with a sparkling personality.

Loves chasing squirrels, patches of sunlight, and lamb meatballs.
Not a morning person.