Not-So-Small Fine Print

1. OFF TRACK Dog Training will endeavor to create as safe an environment as possible for the training of my dog and will offer only sound, safe, and responsible training and training instructions. However, I recognize that Saffrina is not responsible for any unintentional errors, omissions, or incorrect assertions. Further, I am and will remain responsible for the actions of my dog at all times.


2. Cancellation Policy: Full refund of all money paid will be issued if client cancels with 7 days notice of start date. If cancelled with 3-6 days notice, 25% of program fee will be retained. Less than 3 days notice, 50% of program fee will be retained. Once program has commenced, no refunds will be issued.


3. Missed Classes: For classes missed, a private training session can be scheduled at the rate of $65 per hour. OFF TRACK can not offer “make-up sessions” in an alternative class, due to the disruption this would cause to the other students.

The Puppy Program is the perfect environment for young dogs to learn social and behavioural skills. If at any point you feel that this class is not a good fit for you, please email me and let me know. There are always options available depending on your circumstances.


Working with me does not guarantee that your work will get published, that your grant will be funded, or that you will be awarded a graduate degree. I've taken every effort to accurately represent the services I offer and the benefit these services provide, but nothing on this site is a promise or guarantee of academic success. 

Academic Integrity

I take academic integrity very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure that the work you do meets the ethical standards of your academic institution. That includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the work you produce is your own, free from accidental or intentional plagiarism, and where appropriate has been approved by an ethics review board.


Upon registration, payment must be made in full unless otherwise arranged with Dizine Canine. If your class choice does not meet the minimum attendance requirement, then the class may be delayed or cancelled. The instructor will inform you if there needs to be a change in the schedule. 


Group classes run in a 6 or 7 week series with the exception of holidays. If a student chooses to withdraw from a group class after starting, 50% of the remaining fee of unattended classes will be refunded. If a student decides not to join after full payment for a class has been paid, a refund will be issued less a $50.00 administration fee after notifying the instructor. For those not able to pay by credit card, please contact Dizine Canine for alternative arrangements.

We are dedicated to your success with rescue dogs. Dogs adopted (from a shelter or accredited rescue organization) within 6 months of class registration receive 10% off the registration fee for Life Skills: Basic Manners class only. Proof of adoption may be required.


Children under the age of 16 may attend some classes and must be supervised by an adult. Each dog must have a focused and dedicated handler that is not distracted.