Exciting News

We are parents!! I am happy to announce the arrival of my little girl, Georgia, earlier this year. Unfortunately, because of the unpredictability of family life my group classes are currently on hold, but I am happy to refer you to a number of wonderful trainers in the Vancouver area if you'd like to get in touch.

The Puppy Program

This Puppy Program is designed to set your pup up with a basic foundation in learning and training to prevent future problems such as fearfulness, aggression and destructive behaviour.  This class will also assist in socializing your puppy with other dogs, people and new things in a safe and secure environment. This is vital to ensure a well-adjusted, calm, happy puppy.

  • Six 1-hour classes, taught once a week.
  • Ideal for puppies aged between 10 and 20 weeks old.
  • Class size is limited to four puppies to allow plenty of individual attention.
  • Your puppy is required to have at least their second round of vaccinations a week prior to class starting.

 Cost $195* plus gst

Would you like a sneak peek? Check out the Puppy Notes.

Life Skill Sessions

Each week we focus on a different skill set:
1. Focus & Attention: An introduction to Clicker Training, eye contact, a reliable sit under distractions, mat work, and targeting.
2. Connected Walking: Moving with a loose leash, leave it,  greeting others, pulling-prevention.
3. Reliable Recall: "Come" when distracted, park challenges, focus when off leash, the importance of body language.
4. Park Play: An introduction to urban agility and scent games...a fun team-building session for you and your dog.

  • Four 1-hour classes, taught once a week.
  • Ideal for dogs 6 months and older.
  • Class size is limited to four dogs.

Cost: $140* plus gst.


The Off Track Dog Training classes were great and I would recommend them to anyone. Not only is it great socialization for your puppy, but you learn the basics and Saffrina will answer any questions from potty training to behaviour issues.
— Danielle & Zoey