Train your dog with love and compassion to
create a calm and happy home for the whole family.

Off Track is a force-free, compassion-based dog training company nestled in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver. I specialize in working with families who are introducing a new little one into the home—whether it’s a new baby or a fur baby!

Work with me to get your dog ready for baby's arrival, or to bring a new dog into a home with young children.

Getting your dog ready for a new baby.

The transition from fur-baby to real baby can come with it's own very special category of challenges, especially if you have a pup who loves to jump up, or is far from perfect on a leash. Thankfully there are a number of things you can do before your due date that can make your life, and your pup's, a lot less stressful.

Toddler on the move? This is a crucial time to establish safe, and supervised interactions between your child and family dog. It's also a great opportunity to learn about reading your dog's body language, and how to recognized stress signals when they occur. So many incidences can be avoided if you know what to look for, and how to prevent them.

What We're Not

The Alpha.  Dominant. The Pack Leader. The only time you'll hear me use these terms would be in reference to my Cross Fit buddies!

Unfortunately "Dominance Theory" in dog training has become a popular topic due to it's promotion by untrained TV celebrities.

Despite what it may look like, your dog is NOT trying to establish the role of Alpha in the household, and the use of outdated techniques based on these theories can cause a lot of harm to both you and your dog. For more info please check out this article.


Dog Trainer. Zoologist. Sailor. Mum.

I'm a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), one of only 50 in BC, and a graduate from The University of Nottingham where I specialized in Animal Behaviour, studying the family dynamics of captive European Grey Wolves.

Invest In Your Puppy's Education

Your puppy is one of a kind, and their training needs will vary depending on age and current challenges faced. The Puppy Coaching Package is designed to be flexible, covering socialization exercises, basic skills, potty training and biting, as well as addressing problems in real time through email and phone support. I'll show you how to reward the behaviours you enjoy, while interrupting the ones you don't.

Is Your Dog's Behaviour A Problem?

Bringing a beloved dog into your home shouldn't be stressful, but it can sometimes bring unexpected challenges. By addressing your dog's specific training needs, creating an environment where you both feel safe, and designing a training plan that is simple to follow and based on humane training methods we can get you back "on track" to being the best of friends.