Making Life Easier

Bringing a beloved dog into your home shouldn't be stressful, but it can sometimes bring unexpected challenges. The quicker these issues are addressed, the easier your life - and your dog's - will become.

This is where I can help!

By addressing your dog's specific training needs, creating an environment where you both feel safe, and designing a training plan that is simple to follow and based on humane training methods we can get you back "on track" to being the best of friends.

Where To Start

Get in touch with me to schedule a 15 min phone consultation. This will allow me to answer any questions you may have, learn more about your training goals, and review your dog's behavioural history. From here we can then book a Home Consultation & Follow-Up Session, or select either the Advanced Problem Solving or Mastering The Basics package.

Home Consultation & Follow-Up Session

1.5 hour Home Consultation, and a 1 hour Follow-Up Training Session (to be scheduled within two weeks), also includes a detailed training plan, and phone/email support.

During the Home Consultation we are able to address various training and behavioural concerns, such as barking, potty-training, and resource guarding. We can then put management steps in place to make your life instantly easier and review the training techniques that you'll be using with your dog. 

Cost: $250 plus gst.

Advanced Problem Solving

Perfectly paced for a shy, fearful or reactive dog.

  • Home Consultation, 1.5 hours
  • Three 1 hour Private Training Sessions
  • Detailed training plan and phone/email support

Using gentle techniques we will start to rebuild your dog's trust and confidence in a safe environment while gradually addressing their stressors or fears.

Sessions should be booked no more than two weeks apart.

Cost: $450 plus gst.

Mastering The Basics

Do you have a dog that pulls on leash, jumps on strangers, or plays "Keep Away" when off-leash at the park?

  • Home Consultation/Training Session, 1.5 hours
  • Two 1 hour Private Training Sessions
  • Includes training notes and phone/email support

This package is great for newly adopted dogs, or for "puppy-parents" in need of a quick refresher. Each session is customized to fit your training goals and lifestyle.

Cost: $320 plus gst.

Saffrina proved to be an incredibly kind and intuitive trainer tapping into our dog struggles immediately. Her gentle, non judgmental manner and excellent skills helped to transform our relationship with our dog and as a result allowed us to make decisions in her best interest.
— Donna & Louise

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