100 Days of Action

The downloads below are apart of the 100 Days Of Action campaign that I recently organized for a number of local dog trainers. The "List" in the first download isn't supposed to be filled in on day one, but is instead a record of tasks completed. Try and add a new task each day, no matter how small, and watch as your business starts to take off.

The additional worksheets contain questions that will help you better understand the areas of your business that need a little TLC, as well as providing ideas and inspiration for what to do next.

#1. Get Started

Grab yourself a coffee, or a bottle of wine, it's time to clear some space and check off some of those little nagging tasks that have been hanging around.

#2. Business Vision

Some of the question may provide instant clarity that you can implement in your business straight away, others you may need to sit with a little longer.

#3. Finances

Take a look at your scheduling, and figure out how much money you would need to make to live that wonderful life you're been dreaming about.