Puppy Coaching Package: 4 sessions

Bringing your puppy home that first day is pure joy, and being prepared ahead of time can make the predictable challenges of  life with a young one a little easier to manage.

Set your puppy up for success:

During our initial home consolation, we'll talk about puppy-proofing the home, organize a shopping list of useful items to have before the big day, and putting a schedule together to help set your puppy up for success with their potty-training, and sleeping routine from day one.

Has your puppy already made themselves at home?

Great, we can jump straight into fun topics like puppy-biting, jumping up, and barking for playtime. Don't worry, these are all normal puppy activities, but I'll show you how to reward the behaviours you enjoy, while interrupting and redirecting the ones you don't.

Your puppy is one of a kind, and their training needs will vary depending on age and current challenges faced. The Puppy Coaching Package is designed to be flexible, covering socialization exercises and basic skills, as well as addressing problems in real time through email and phone support.

As part of the Puppy Coaching Package, our first consultation is 1.5 hours, the remaining three sessions are for an hour and often cover the following topics:

1. Focus and Attention, Intro to clicker training, sit, name recognition, and basic leash skills.
2. Loose Leash Walking, ignoring distractions, greeting strangers, leaving it and an introduction to hand targets.
3. "Come" & Other Fun Games, foundation for a great off leash recall, food puzzles, and working around distractions.

Cost: $425 plus gst.

We can’t say enough good things about Saffrina. She helped us train our new puppy, Birdie, and she has been there to answer all of our questions and help guide us as we learn about how to be good (first time) dog owners.
— Georgina & Birdie