Puppy Coaching Package: 4 sessions

This is our most popular package, and involves us working with you and your family for each session.  The Puppy Coaching Package includes an initial home consolation, where we get to set up the basics; house training; biting; sleeping routine; a socialization plan; basic problem solving (this first session can even be covered before your puppy arrives, so everything is nice and organized right from the first day).  First session is 1.5 hours

The remaining three sessions are for 1 hour, and are generally broken up into three skill sets:

1. Focus and Attention, Intro to Clicker Training, calming techniques, sit, stay, name recognition, jumping-up, barking.
2. Walking Skills, walking with a loose leash, ignoring distractions, greeting strangers, leaving garbage, advanced socialization skills.
3. Park Play, foundation for a great off leash recall, appropriate puppy-on-puppy play, time-outs and calming techniques.

The above in a general break down. Each puppy is very individual, and packages are designed around your goals and specific needs. 

The Puppy Coaching Package costs $425* plus gst.

We can’t say enough good things about Saffrina. She helped us train our new puppy, Birdie, and she has been there to answer all of our questions and help guide us as we learn about how to be good (first time) dog owners.
— Georgina & Birdie