Ellen & Charlotte

"Upon meeting Saffrina, I immediately quizzed her on modern scientifically proven training methods. I was impressed with her knowledge and signed Charlotte up for her puppy class in addition to the other class we were already in. I am so glad I did because her class knocked the other one out of the water!!!

A little over a year later, I enlisted the help of Saffrina again to prepare Charlotte for her Service Dog training. I had tried to do all the training myself but realized I needed help. It was amazing the progress Saffrina made in just a few sessions and how easily I was able to carry on from where she left off.

I feel so fortunate to have Saffrina in our lives and wholeheartedly recommend getting on her waiting list if you are in need of some dog training!"


Frances & Pip

"Our introduction to Saffrina two years ago was so fortuitous!  With a new puppy that needed much more training than we were capable of, Saffrina stepped in to help us with in home training sessions.  Her confident, yet gentle techniques (on both humans and dogs) helped us make great strides.

We now have regular Play Dates scheduled with Saffrina that are the highlight of the week for our dog, Pip.  The sight of their weekly reunion is enough to make anyone smile.  She is also the best Sleepover buddy Pip could ask for. 

Because of Saffrina’s reliability, patience, upbeat personality, and obvious true love for dogs I would recommend Off Track Dog Training without hesitation."


Donna & Louise

"My family had the pleasure of working with Off Track Dog Training on and off for the last year. Our sessions were private and conducted in or near our home.

Saffrina proved to be an incredibly kind and intuitive trainer tapping into our dog struggles immediately. Her gentle, non judgmental manner and excellent skills helped to transform our relationship with Louise and as a result allowed us to make decisions in her best interest. I would absolutely recommend Off Track to help you become the best family for your dog."


Julie, Sam & Charlie

"For nearly four years, Saffrina has regularly provided Play Dates and Sleepovers for Sam and Charlie. Throughout this time she has also provided trusted advice and assurance with regard to the dogs’ health conditions, increasing age, behaviours, food, the introduction of a new baby, and more.

Saffrina has always conducted herself with the utmost honesty, generosity, good will, patience and dignity. She has extended herself beyond expectation time-after-time for our family. The quality of the dogs’ lives and our lives is greater because of Saffrina. There is no one that we trust more with our dogs."


Catherine, Cricket & Jiminy

"We have been away on many trips (often several weeks in length) and I can only say words of praise for how well our two little Yorkshire Terriers are taken care of.  They are very tiny one’s and so require some special attention.

 Saffrina does an amazing job looking after the pups, and one of the bonuses is she is also a certified dog trainer which means Cricket and Jiminy get a little training too.  She sends lot’s of photos of them paying while we are away and it melts my heart to know they are getting all the love they need while we are gone.

One of the most important things for me is to be able to do all this travelling and not worry about the pup’s while I am gone.  I’m always happy knowing they are in good hands."


Georgina & Birdie

"We can't say enough good things about Saffrina. She helped us train our new puppy, Birdie, and she has been there to answer all of our questions and help guide us as we learn about how to be good (first time) dog owners.

Our dog LOVES Saffrina and is always really happy to see her. And she is really loving and friendly. The best...!"


Greg, Zeus & Apollo

"Saffrina has been apart of Zeus and Apollo’s life since day one. She was fabulous with my dogs during their early days at Puppy School.  Afterwards Saffrina provided them daily walk for several years while I was at work. They were less “daily walks” and more “daily adventures”, sometimes they would be out for entire afternoons, trips to the beach, the mountains and dog parks. Zeus and Apollo were always thrilled to see Saffrina and Jasper.

Saffrina always looked out for my dogs as if they were her own, updating me as necessary regarding their activity, noting how they were doing,  always bringing any concerns she may have to my immediate attention.

I would not hesitate to recommend Saffrina in any capacity regarding your furry family members."