Toddler On The Move!

Living with a toddler can take some getting use to.

All new parents know that family life is never dull. Just as you learn and adjust to the challenges of one phase, another whole new set of challenges emerge, almost overnight.

Whether it the sudden rush to baby-proof the home because your Little One is now mobile, or the realization that your dog really did prefer being an “only child”, the expected delights of being a Mama to both a dog and newborn might not align with your current reality. Everything seemed so much more relaxed a few months ago before your Toddler was toddling all around!!

Don’t stress - this phase too shall pass. Things will become more easier in time. Thankfully, there's a lot we can do to make family life more manageable and enjoyable for both your dog and toddler.

Are you past the Toddler Phase? That must be nice!! Check out The Family Dog Program below, it was specially designed with older kids in mind, there is nothing else like it available.

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Dogs & Toddler:
(everything you need to know)

Dogs & Toddlers Consult.
Handout & Homework

1 session



Help With Training:

Dogs & Toddlers Consult.
Two Training Sessions
Training Plan
Email & Phone Support

3 sessions



The Family Dog Program:

Six In-Home Training Sessions
E-Book & Fun Online Videos

6 sessions



Brining a puppy home?
Early socialization is really important.